Temperature Screening Device

Temperature Screening Device

Another Step in Excellent Patient Care

Compassion Health Care, Inc. (CHC) continues to use temperature screening as part of the CDC recommended guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic for patients entering the building. We are taking it a step further by implementing new technology that will allow for non-contact temperature checks.

Xenon Fever Defence
Photo courtesy of feverdefense.com

The technology known as Xenon Fever Defense will measure a visitor’s temperature and alert them with a stop-go, red-green light system. A user will be alerted with a green light and audible message letting them know if they have an elevated temperature or not. A red light with an audible message will be delivered and a warning alarm will sound if someone has an elevated temperature.

Patients, visitors, and staff entering either Caswell Family Medical Center in Yanceyville, NC or James Austin Health Center in Eden, NC, will find the temperature screening kiosks positioned at all entrances to the facility.

The temperature screening device not only works without contact from the user but while a user is wearing a mask as well without having to remove it, which is another effective part of our COVID-19 risk reduction efforts.