Small Business Health Program

The Small Business Health Program at Compassion Health Care, Inc.

We are proud to offer the SMALL BUSINESS HEALTH PROGRAM as a benefit to members of the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce, Reidsville Chamber of CommerceEden Chamber of Commerce, and the Danville-Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce.

This program provides discounted access to health care services provided by Caswell Family Medical Center in Yanceyville, NC, and James Austin Health Center in Eden, NC.

  • Primary Care: $60
  • Behavioral Health: $30
  • Psychiatry*: $60
  • Urgent Care*: $75

*Note: Face-to-face Psychiatry and Urgent Care services are only provided by CFMC in Yanceyville, NC

What is included in the Small Business Health Program?

A full range of health care services that include provider visits, labs, and X-rays* (X-rays are only included if provided from the Yanceyville location). In many cases, provider visits for all services can be accessed through telehealth video or phone-based visits. There is no additional out-of-pocket associated with using our telehealth program.

Is this insurance?

The Compassion Health Care, Inc. Small Business Health Program is NOT health insurance. It only provides discounts for services provided by JAHC and CFMC.

What if I have insurance?

The discounts available through the Small Business Health Program provide you access to our service with a maximum out of pocket cost as outlined above. If you have insurance, and your copay is more, it will be reduced. If you have insurance and your copay is less, you will pay the amount required by your insurance.

What if the out-of-pocket cost is still too high?

Both CFMC and JAHC have a sliding fee program that can reduce the out-of-pocket cost of the care we provide even further. Simply call our office, or visit our Sliding Fee Scale to learn more.

What about prescription medications?

The Small Business Health Program, as part of our larger mission, works to ensure that all patients have access to the prescription medications that are required in order to manage their health conditions. Please discuss your specific needs with our providers or nurses during the time of your visit. They are aware of the opportunities available that can help meet your specific needs.

How do I use the Small Business Health Program?

If you, or your employer, is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in either Caswell, Reidsville, Eden, or Danville, ask your supervisor to contact the Chamber. The Chamber will be able to provide your employer with cards that can then be distributed to employees. From there, call the office to schedule your appointment, and present your card at the time of service. It’s as simple as that.

Is my family eligible for this program?

This discount program is available to employees and the immediate family of businesses who hold a membership with participating chapters of the Chamber of Commerce. For the purposes of this program, ‘immediate family’ is defined as a spouse or a domestic partner, and any dependent (child or adult) as reflected on the most recent tax return.