Fulfilling our mission, achieving our vision, living our values

CHC Leadership Team

Compassion Health Care, Inc. is focused on our mission, vision, and values. Our leadership team helps CHC achieve success based on these core principals. The team is compromised of seasoned healthcare professionals that are experts at what they do, and passionate about meeting the region’s healthcare needs. The team is accountable for ensuring our current and future success by implementing CHC’s strategies.

William Crumpton, MBA

William Crumpton, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

William “Billy” Crumpton has been CEO of Compassion Health Care, Inc. since 2016. He holds an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

Billy is a Caswell County, NC native who returned to his roots to lead CHC where he was once a pediatric patient at Caswell Family Medical Center. He is passionate about community health and even more passionate about helping push Caswell County forward.

Angela Martin HR Director

Angela Martin, Chief Operations Officer

Angela has been with CHC since 1995 and considers serving the community while working at CHC to be a richly rewarding experience. As the Chief Operations Officer (COO), Angela provides oversight for HR, IT, Maintenance, Marketing, 340B, and Administrative Support Staff to achieve the goal of organizational effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services to meet the needs of our patients and the community. Angela also serves as our Compliance Officer.

Debbie Faris, CPA

Debbie Faris, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Debbie has been with CHC since 2020, but has worked with other CHC’s and in health care since 2013. Debbie is responsible for managing everything financial at the health center. In addition, Debbie partners with the Leadership Team to help make business decisions that have the best outcomes for Compassion Health Care, Inc.’s patients. Debbie has a passion for serving CHC’s as well as the community. Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration. She is a licensed CPA.

Kiersten Mullis, DO, Leadership Team

Kiersten Mullis, DO, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kiersten Mullis is the Chief Medical Officer at CHC. Dr. Mullis provides clinical leadership initiatives to support the provision of consistent, quality performance and improvement opportunities at Compassion Health Care, Inc.

She holds CHC’s standards, values, and objectives high and assists the CEO and Director of Nursing in coordinating patient care according to policies and procedures.

Denise Hunter MD

Denise Hunter, MD, Chief Quality Officer

As Chief Quality Officer at CHC, Dr. Hunter provides progressive leadership for the areas of Quality Improvement, Risk Management, and Compliance to ensure a continued model of person-centered healthcare at Caswell Family Medical Center and James Austin Health Center.
She holds CHC’s standards, values, and objectives high and assists the CEO, CMO, and Director of Nursing in coordinating patient care according to policies and procedures.

Dr. Hunter is married with 3 boys. You can find her health and lifestyle-related videos here.

Kristen Price, FNP-C

Kristen Price, FNP-C, Chief of Clinical Operations

As the Chief of Clinical Operations, Kristen is responsible for overseeing and managing the clinical aspects of healthcare delivery at CHC enhancing patient outcomes, and driving innovation for the organization to improve the health and wellness of our underserved populations.

Kristen is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Jane Allen-Furrow, RN

Jane Allen-Furrow, RN, Director of Nursing

Jane has been a registered nurse since 1984. She joined Compassion Health Care, Inc. in 2020. As the Director of Nursing, she provides leadership to all clinical operations. She also serves as the Risk Manager for the organization as well as oversees employee health. Jane values teamwork and is committed to the patients and the community that CHC serves.

Jane is married and has one son and a daughter-in-law.

Clare Harris, MA

Clare Harris, MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CSI, Director of Behavioral Health

Clare has worked to support individuals from rural communities for many years. She understands how rural life can affect one’s mental health. In addition, Clare has specialized training in recovery from trauma and/or substance misuse. Using that understanding, Clare works to create a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to address their mental health and recovery needs. She believes in individuals growing and thriving in their mental health.

Wanda McCullough

Wanda McCullough, Director of Information Technology

Wanda brings over 20 years of experience in Health IT to Compassion Health Care. As Director of Information Technology, Wanda provides support in many different areas, her main focus is making sure our staff has the knowledge and equipment to provide the best care to the patients of our communities. Wanda is also our HIPAA officer.

Wanda is married, has a daughter and son, and two grandchildren.

Shannon Moretz

Shannon Moretz, Director of Strategic Initiatives (CHC), Project Coordinator, Caswell Chapter of the Health Collaborative

Shannon has been with CHC since 2012 and currently serves a dual role as Director of Strategic Initiatives at CHC and Project Coordinator for the Caswell Chapter of the Health Collaborative. As Project Coordinator, Shannon works closely with the Regional Project Manager of the Health Collaborative and promotes policy, systems, and environmental approaches that provide opportunities for sustainable change. She was a member of the 2017-2019 cohort of the William C Friday Fellowship for Human Relations. A Caswell resident, Shannon is married with one son and two “bonus” daughters.

Mandy Brannock

Mandy Brannock, HR & QI Coordinator

Mandy has been with Compassion Health Care, Inc. since 2020 and has played an integral role in managing personnel to ensure CHC’s human resources programs and initiatives are effective, efficient, and aligned with our core values, mission, and objectives. In addition, Mandy helps develop and implement human resources policies, supports strategic objectives, and identifies needs within the organization to create new job descriptions.

Mandy is married and has two wonderful children.

Kimberly Hogan

Kimberly Hogan, Revenue Cycle Manager

Kimberly has been with CHC since 2023. Kimberly is the Revenue Cycle Manager. She manages all functions of the organization’s Revenue Cycle operations. She works with policies, objectives, and initiatives of the organization’s Revenue Cycle to achieve financial goals and optimize Revenue. Kimberly has a degree in Business Management & Finance. She has 26 years of experience working in the healthcare industry and managing finance & revenue.

Kimberly is proud to be a part of the leadership team at CHC and is passionate about serving the community.

Michelle Moon

Michelle Moon, RN, Charge Nurse

Michelle joined the team at Compassion Health care in 2020. She has 20 years of experience in the nursing field. As the Charge Nurse, she provides leadership for clinical staff and she oversees the clinical organizational flow. She also serves as the Vaccine coordinator for the VFC program for both sites.

Michelle is married and has 4 children.

Ashley Reaves, RT(R)

Ashley Reaves, RT(R), Radiology/Laboratory Supervisor

Ashley Reaves was born and raised in Caswell County and has been with Compassion Health Care, Inc. since 2020. She brings more than a decade of experience in the Radiology field. She is CHC’s laboratory and radiology staff supervisor and serves as the facility’s Radiation Safety Officer. Ashley ensures CLIA compliance and certification for all of CHC’s laboratories and is proud to serve our community and the surrounding areas in which she grew up loving.

Ashley is married and a mother to twin boys.

Ryan Millner

Ryan Millner, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Ryan is responsible for telling CHC’s story and connecting with the community. As a member of the team, Ryan leads the brand strategy by overseeing the marketing and communications aspect which includes digital, creative communication, internal communication, and public relations.

Ryan has represented Caswell County, NC as a 2017-2018 Fellow at Middle Border Forward, and as a 2022 graduate of the Rural Economic Development Institute (REDI). He currently serves on the Board of Directors at MBF, Caswell Recreation Development Foundation, Caswell Fund, and the Caswell County Partnership for Children. He is married with three children.

Michelle Kitchens

Michelle Kitchens, CMA, Front Office Manager

Michelle Kitchens supervises the day-to-day activities of the administrative support team including front office, referrals, medical records, and patient assistance. She leads our superb team that assists patients, clients, and other visitors at CFMC and JAHC while holding to our organizational values of compassion, commitment, integrity, and excellence.

Lou Ann Reaves

Lou Ann Reaves, Administrative Assistant

Lou Ann has been with CHC since 1994 and is an integral part of our administration and overall operation of the organization. She provides professional administrative support of a highly complex and responsible nature.

Lou Ann is a lifelong resident of Caswell County and is married with 2 children, 2 grandchildren, and 1 dog.