Need help paying for prescriptions?

Medication Assistance from Compassion Health Care, Inc.

Compassion Health Care, Inc. offers a medication assistance program (MAP) to those in our community who do not have insurance, do not have enough insurance to cover high-priced specialty medications, or who have low income.

Our medication assistance counselor is available to talk to you during normal business hours. Your counselor will go over your current situation with you, verify your eligibility, and guide you through the enrollment process with answers to questions you may have.

Remember: you don’t have to go without your medications because you feel you can’t afford them, or because you don’t have insurance. Call 336-694-9331 to see if you qualify for the medication assistance program.

Who is eligible for the MAP program?

It all starts with speaking to your medication assistance counselor at Compassion Health Care, Inc. As a member of the community who is uninsured or under-insured and who meets financial qualifications (low income), you should be eligible.

How do I get in touch with the MAP Counselor?

That’s easy! Just give our Medication Assistance Counselor a call at (336) 694-9331, ext. 236 and she will set up an appointment with you to complete the necessary paperwork and see if you qualify.

Is the MAP service free of charge?

Yes. The service is free. We understand that it’s tough just to keep up with your medications on a daily basis, let alone afford them without insurance. The costs of medications can often make it difficult to keep you on track. We’re here to help take some of that burden off of you.

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