Mobile Health Unit

Mobile Health Launches in Caswell and Rockingham

Compassion Health Care, Inc. Launches Mobile Health Unit

Yanceyville, NC – Compassion Health Care, Inc. (CHC) is excited to announce the launch of a new permanent service line: CHC MOBILE HEALTH. Realizing that the COVID pandemic is far from over, CHC is proud to take another step in helping to ensure that our community has access to necessary health care services. The addition of CHC’s Mobile Health program is the latest in developments to accomplish this.

CHC Mobile Health is a mobile unit designed with health care services in mind. Equipped with the latest in healthcare technologies that will allow services to be provided in even the most remote parts of Caswell and Rockingham Counties in North Carolina and was made possible through funding secured through the work of the North Carolina Community Health Care Association (NCCHCA).

The road of this pandemic has been long but is far from over. I’m proud to be part of an organization that is steadfastly committed to doing everything we can to be what our community needs us to be. – William Crumpton, Chief Executive Officer.

While other services will be added over time, the initial rollout of the mobile unit is limited to COVID PCR (send out) testing.

Here are some important details:

How will the community know where CHC’s Mobile Health will be doing testing events?

All testing events will be listed in three convenient places:

My organization is interested in partnering with CHC Mobile Health to host a testing event. How does this work?

The success of CHC Mobile Health in being a true community resource is directly linked to organizations (schools, businesses, churches, etc.) throughout Caswell County and Rockingham County, North Carolina being willing to host a testing event. It is a painless process, and one CHC is committed to making as efficient and safe as possible. To learn more, or about how to submit a request to host a testing event, visit our Compassion Health Care Mobile Health page.

Will individuals being tested for COVID-19 have to pay out of pocket for a test?

Currently, there are mechanisms through which insurance and other resources are able to cover 100% of the cost associated with testing.

Who can be tested?

Testing is available for anyone who wants it. Testing for those with known or possible exposures is strongly recommended.

Will Compassion Health Care still be offering testing at Caswell Family Medical Center in Yanceyville and James Austin Health Center in Eden?

Yes. Both of our medical sites still offer testing daily.

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