Donita Hairston

Donita Hairston Accepted as MBF Fellow

1 Oct 2018 CFMC News, Staff

Yanceyville, NC, September 25, 2018 – Donita Hairston, CFMC’s Medication Assistance Coordinator has been accepted into the Middle Border Forward fellowship program for the 2018-2019 session.

Donita Hairston has been with CFMC since 2017. During that time, she has assisted many of our uninsured and underinsured patients with medication assistance. She is passionate about helping those in our community that need it most and is excited about this opportunity to branch out into the middle border region.

Donita is the mother of 3 boys, all of whom play sports including football, basketball, and soccer. Hairston says that “I am very involved in my son’s activities. All three sports are huge in my household and I’m definitely a sports mom.” Her sons are 14, 10, and 3.

Hairston has lived in the region all her life and went to school in Pittsylvania County from K through 8th grade. She attended DCC after graduating high school.

Middle Border Forward (MBF) is based out of Danville, Virginia. Their mission is “to inspire meaningful community engagement and cultivate effective leadership to create a stronger future for the Middle Border Region.”

I’m so humbled by the opportunity to represent our area in any way I can. While I live in Danville, I work in Caswell County, NC which is a great asset I bring to the Fellowship. I have experienced life in both places and I hope to learn more about them and the region as a whole. – Donita Hairston

The Middle Border is comprised of Caswell County, Danville, and Pittsylvania County. MBF aims their focus on six community development pillars including arts & culture, education, business, health & wellness, environment, and infrastructure.

Donita has proven to be passionate about her work in helping to improve the quality of life for our community. CFMC is proud to support her in taking another step toward her personal and professional growth through Middle Border Forward’s Fellowship Program – William Crumpton, MBA, CEO

When asked what she wants to gain from the MBF Fellowship over the next year, Hairston states that “I want to make this a place where people want to visit, live, and raise a family. I’d like to see people become more culturally diverse as well. Because I’m a mother of 3 boys who are active in sports, I want to get more of our youth invovled in positive activities to help keep them safe.”

“Our youth need to know they have a voice that is being heard. The youth in our region are our future and they need to know that they have an important part in making a positive change in their community.” – Donita Hairston

Hairston would like to see our region grow and she visualizes more locally owned businesses supported by the community.

I’d like to see this region become a place where businesses want to come and open up shop because of the growth in the area, meanwhile creating jobs and helping our economy grow – Donita Hairston

CFMC is proud of Donita for her role with the Fellowship this year and we’re behind her 100%.

If you’d like more information on Middle Border Forward, you can visit them here.

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