Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy Services and Primary Care

Compassion Health Care, Inc. and North Village Pharmacy have expanded their partnership to include clinical pharmacy services that primarily target patients with complex medication regimens or uncontrolled chronic diseases.

The clinical pharmacy integration allows a local clinical pharmacist to address a variety of healthcare needs for all patients, including the medically underserved, and provide critical health services to patients who would benefit the most from these services.

What is a Clinical Pharmacist?

A clinical pharmacist works directly with physicians and other health professionals to ensure proper medication management with patients. The clinical pharmacist at North Village Pharmacy has regular communication with providers at Caswell Family Medical Center in Yanceyville to enhance the already established patient-centered care model.

The benefit of having a partnership with a clinical pharmacist include:

  • Improvement and/or the resolution of health issues in the patient with medication therapy
  • Advise patients on the proper way to take medication
  • Support CHC’s health care team (including behavioral health and psychiatry) in educating patients on how to best maintain their health
  • Develop a medication plan to meet the goals of patient care established by CHC’s team of health professionals
  • Build relationships with patients and providers to meet individual patient needs, not just a one-size-fits-all approach

The collaboration between North Village Pharmacy and Compassion Health Care, Inc. will help significantly improve patient outcomes and advance health equity by utilizing pharmacist-led medication management to combat chronic debilitating diseases and lower the risk of death. This innovative outpatient model capitalizes on the legacy of clinical pharmacy service success in inpatient settings and expands on the established patient-pharmacist relationships by integrating it into primary care services. The integration of clinical pharmacy services has a strong potential to positively impact patient outcomes by providing closer monitoring of chronic disease, through the patient-centered pharmacist and medical provider partnership, utilizing EMR technology.

Compassion Health Care, Inc. is unique in that they are one of the only Federally Qualified Health Centers in North Carolina to implement clinical pharmacy services to date through a partnership with a community-based pharmacy.

Billy Crumpton, CEO of Compassion Health Care, Inc. says “The program will primarily target patients with complex and/or uncontrolled chronic disease, but will also have a focus on patients who may be controlled, but due to aging and other life changes, would benefit from a closer review of medication therapies by way of considering options that would potentially consolidate their treatment to fewer pills taken each day, thus potentially reducing risk and improving compliance.”

CHC strives to be the provider of choice for our region to help ensure healthy people, and healthy communities. With the addition of clinical pharmacy services, CHC will continue to hold true to the mission, vision, and values by which they operate.

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