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Urgent Care Offered as Worker’s Comp Option to Employers

Worker’s Comp in Caswell County

CFMC opened Urgent Care in late August 2017. In the short time since its genesis, over 365 people have found access to quality care to address acute healthcare issues. For more than 80% of the visits provided by CFMC Urgent Care, patients wait less than 10 minutes between checking in and being seen by a member of the medical staff.

CFMC is proud to announce that Urgent Care is taking the next step: Access to prompt medical attention is a critical need of any employer when workplace injuries occur. Effective immediately, CFMC Urgent Care is proud to extend an invitation to all employers of all types to consider CFMC as an option when employee injuries occur. With access to on-site radiology services, and a full range of laboratory testing through Quest Diagnostics, CFMC Urgent Care can ensure access to the right care at the right time, and at the right price. By reducing unnecessary emergency room visits, CFMC is not only helping ensure the health and wellbeing of employees in Caswell but also helps to contain healthcare expenditures for employers.

The first partnership to provide worker’s comp care has been established between CFMC and Caswell County Schools.

We hate to think that any employee would be injured while at work, but like knowing that if it does happen, we have a plan in place that not only takes care of the employee but also supports a local business,” says Dr. Sandra Carter, Superintendent of Caswell County Schools. “This is a great example of how important ‘community’ is.

Any employer with questions or who may be interested in adding CFMC to the list of providers from which their employees can choose from in the event of a workplace injury should contact CFMC’s Chief Executive Officer, Billy Crumpton, at 336-694-1181 x209 or by email at

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