Jason’s Journal: Active Living Trails in Rockingham County, NC

Jason’s Journal: Entry 1 | Active Living Trails in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

Jason Vaughn, FNP-C of James Austin Health Center in Eden, NC wants his community to be as healthy as they can be. Through his journey into Rockingham County and surrounding areas, Jason documents his time spent outside to let us know about the area’s great active living trails. His shared experiences with us are known as “Jason’s Journal”.

Trails visited throughout the video include:

    • Chinqua-Penn Walking Trail – a winding 1.7 mile through a beautiful forest. While walking, you can view 2 ponds and get a glimpse of where a “prized black Angus” herd grazes.
    • Mayodan Mountain Bike Trail – A family-friendly mountain bike trail with other activities and scenery nearby like a lake and putt-putt. A concession stand is available during certain hours.
    • Jaycee Park, Greensboro – Jaycee Park is known for the Stoner-White Stadium where youth baseball is played. The park has a natural area and great for walking.
    • Farris Memorial Park – Farris Memorial Park has over 270 acres of awesomeness. While getting your walking trail exercise in, be sure to check out the fishing, mountain biking, and plenty of entertainment.



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