Advancing HIT for Quality for 2021

HRSA Recognizes CHC for Advancing HIT for Quality for 2021

31 Aug 2021 Awards, CHC News

Compassion Health Care, Inc. has been recognized for Advancing HIT for Quality for 2021 by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This recognition as making “notable quality improvement achievements” with one of HRSA’s new Community Health Quality Recognition (CHQR) badges is an honor for any FQHC. According to HRSA, these badges recognize achievements in access, quality, health equity, and health information technology (HIT) for the 2020 Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting period.

“The pandemic hit us hard in terms of capturing clinical data in a way that was able to demonstrate what I sincerely believe to be an accurate reflection of the clinical outcomes, but I know that we’ve rounded many of the curves that were barriers last year in 2020. I’m very proud of the progress we have made over the past five years. We strive for excellence in all we do and this badge is another symbol of all the hard work each and every member of our CHC family has put in to making sure our values of compassion, commitment, excellence, integrity, and equity go into the daily mission of Compassion Health Care, Inc.” – William Crumpton, CEO, Compassion Health Care, Inc.

As of the end of 2020, Compassion Health Care, Inc. has served over 4,600 patients and counting. Health Information Technology is an important part of modern healthcare because it presents opportunities for improvement. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Health information technology presents numerous opportunities for improving and transforming healthcare which includes; reducing human errors, improving clinical outcomes, facilitating care coordination, improving practice efficiencies, and tracking data over time.” HIT for quality at Compassion Health Care, Inc. means that our staff and providers are able to provide the high-quality care that our communities have come to expect from us for the past 40-plus years.

“Compassion Health Care is committed to providing healthcare excellence to all our patients. We are continually striving to make quality HIT a priority for our patients. Quality HIT helps us see trends in healthcare and keeps us on our toes to make sure our patients are meeting goals in their healthcare journey.” – Wanda McCullough, Director of IT, Compassion Health Care, Inc.

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