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Hepatitis C Treatment in Caswell County, NC and Rockingham County, NC

According to the CDC, “Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV).” It is a small virus with seven distinct HCV genotypes identified. In 2017 there was an estimated 44,700 new infections and an estimated 2.4 million people living with HCV infection in 2016.

How is Hepatitis C transmitted?

HCV is transmitted primarily through the sharing of contaminated needles, syringes, or other equipment to inject drugs and less commonly through birth to an infected mother, sexual contact with an infected person, unregulated tattooing, and needle-sticks or other sharp instrument injuries. The incubation period of Hepatitis C can average 14-182 days, but the average range is between 14-84 days. Chronic infection develops in over 50% of newly infected people.

What are the symptoms of HCV?

Symptoms of Hepatitis C are similar to symptoms of other viral hepatitis and include:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Clay-colored stool
  • Dark urine
  • Vomiting
  • Joint pain
  • Jaundice
  • and more…

Nonspecific symptoms may include anorexia, malaise, abdominal pain, and may be present in 10% to 20% of people.

What is recommended for testing for HCV?

It is recommended that adults 18 years of age and older get tested at least once. Other recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • All pregnant women during pregnancy
  • People who currently inject drugs and/or share needles, syringes, or other drug prep equipment
  • Individuals with HIV
  • Healthcare, emergency medical, and public safety personnel after being stuck by needles, sharps, or mucosal exposures to HCV-positive blood
  • Children born to mothers with HCV infection
  • Any individual requesting Hepatitis C testing

Is HCV curable?

Chronic: Over 90% of people with hepatitis C can be cured no matter what genotype HCV they have within 8-12 weeks of oral therapy.

Acute: AASLD/IDSA recommends the treatment of acute HCV without a waiting period.

Where can I get tested for Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C testing in and around Caswell County, NC:

Hepatitis C testing in and around Rockingham County, NC

What if I can’t afford Hepatitis C treatment?

Caswell Family Medical Center in Yanceyville, NC, and James Austin Health Center in Eden, NC are committed to healthy persons and healthy communities. Hepatitis C treatment can be expensive. Because of this, we have resources to help you out. We accept all insurances and offer a sliding fee scale to those who qualify. This allows individuals to afford services like Hepatitis C testing. If you are employed by a small business that is a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, we have discounted rates for you as well with our Small Business Health Program.

Do I have to be a patient of CFMC or JAHC to be tested for Hepatitis C?

No, you do not have to be a patient of Caswell Family Medical Center or James Austin Health Center in order to be tested and treated for HCV, but you can easily become a patient by calling 336-694-9331 in Yanceyville, or 336-864-2795 in Eden. We also offer easy and secure online patient registration here.

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