Caswell County’s New Generator Installed

1 Jul 2017 CFMC News

Citizens of Caswell County, NC now have a place of refuge during a catastrophic event.

Yanceyville, NC, March 22, 2017– Several years ago, Shirley Deal, Former CEO of Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC), recognized a significant need in Caswell County. CFMC had been (and still is) designated as the community’s “Special Needs Shelter”.

During a time of environmental crisis, at the direction of Caswell County’s Emergency Services Director, CFMC would provide a refuge to those in the community who required life-sustaining medical equipment, like respirators or IV’s. Even though the designation was in place, the reality was that if the Town of Yanceyville was without power, CFMC would also be without power.

Deal, in partnership with Caswell County government and Duke Healthcare Coalition, started work on fundraising and planning to secure a generator to support CFMC’s electrical needs during a time of crisis, better equipping the organization to be all that it should as a Special Needs Shelter.

“It takes a lot of people to pull together to make this generator project happen. It was a collaborative effort.” – Shirley Deal, Former CFMC CEO

Barry Lynch, Emergency Management Coordinator for Caswell County recounts how it used to be prior to the new generator.

“For a few years, we’d bring a truck up to provide power for the facility. We received hazardous mitigation money through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Caswell County declared a crisis approximately 3 years ago, that resulted from an ice storm. We took it before the commissioners, they agreed to the generator project and almost 2 years after it was approved, we have it set!” – Barry Lynch, Emergency Management Coordinator

CFMC acknowledges generous contributions of time, energy, and resources from a large number of community partners, including Caswell County Commissioners, Caswell Emergency Management, Caswell EMS, Caswell County Government, Chandler Concrete Company, Duke Healthcare Coalition, R&R Electric of NC, and Thompson Arthur Paving & Construction.

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