CHC at the Caswell County Senior Center

The Caswell County Senior Center is host to a part-time Community-Based Behavioral Health Clinician from Compassion Health Care, Inc.

Access to behavioral health services for all ages is important for many. CHC has placed a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at the Caswell Senior Center in Yanceyville, NC to provide community-based behavioral health services to ensure our aging population gets the best care possible.

By placing an LCSW at the senior center, our goal is to improve the lives of those in need by covering a wide range of behavioral and mental health challenges.

About Caswell County Senior Center

The Caswell County Senior Center in Yanceyville, North Carolina serves residents ages 55 and over. The Center provides recreational activities and educational opportunities, including workshops and events.

The Senior Center puts emphasis on better health, both mentally and physically for our aging population, which is why Compassion Health Care, Inc. has partnered with them to have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) on-site for individuals who desire behavioral health services.

For more information, please call Caswell Senior Services at (336) 694-7447, ext. 1503.

Community-Based Behavioral Health Services at Caswell Senior Center

Addressing the Whole Person Physically & Mentally